Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The "young" Wife JOKE

Abe is enjoying his 80th birthday party with family and friends. Even Rabbi
Landau is present. Abe is so happy that he decides now is the time to let
out his secret and to everybody’s surprise, announces his forthcoming
marriage to 50-year-old Hetty.
Everyone comes up to wish them Mazeltov - and to exchange all the old jokes
"Abe, where will you both live?"
"We’ll be looking for a house near a school.”
"Abe, did you know that lovemaking is dangerous for the elderly?"
"Yes, but I hope Hetty will survive it."
Later, Rabbi Landau takes Abe aside and says, "Don’t be offended, but I must
ask you a few questions. Do you really love Hetty?"
"To tell you the truth, Rabbi, I’m not sure," Abe replies.
"Well, is she a good cook? Is her chicken soup special?" asks Rabbi Landau.
"I’m not sure, I’ve never seen her in the kitchen, Rabbi," Abe replies.
"Is Hetty rich?" asks Rabbi Landau.
"I’m not sure about her finances, we’ve never discussed money," replies Abe.

"So, she must be ….. good in bed. Is that so?" asks Rabbi Landau, timidly.
"I’ve no idea at all Rabbi, how does one tell before marriage?" answers Abe.

"But if you don’t know whether you love her, if you’re not sure whether
she’s a good cook, if you don’t know whether she’s rich, and if you’ve never
made love to her, why on earth do you want to marry her?" asks Rabbi Landau.

"She can drive at night," replies Abe.

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