Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good morning Herr Muller

In a queue waiting
to step up to the scales of death was an older Jew, a Rabbi
Rabinovitz, who understood well that his frail frame would serve no
use to these beasts. He knew that his scale should tip to the left.
Before the war, before this madness Rabbi Rabinovitz enjoyed a
tranquil life with his non Jewish neigbours. In fact the Rabbi was
maddeningly polite and would always greet his younger neighbour Herr
Muller with a smile and a tip of the hat. ?good morning Herr Muller?!
He would say, and Muller would respond with a ?good morning herr
Rabbiner!? proud that the Jewish Rabbi paid him such deference. But
then the madness began and suddenly there were no friends for the Jews
and then there were no neighbours and now, now there was a queue for a
scale that inevitably tipped left. As the Rabbi approached the scale,
he dared to look up into the angel of death. Suddenly he stood up
straight, doffed his hat and quietly, imperceptibly, said, ?good
morning Herr Muller?! The scale froze and then very quietly it said,
?good morning herr rabiner? and (make with the hands) tipped right.

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