Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 Rabbis on a Train - Joke

Three rabbis were traveling to a conference accompanied by the presidents of
their respective Synagogues. The presidents were surprised when the rabbis
walked away from the ticket counter with only one ticket between them. A
smile spread across their faces when they watched the rabbis pack into a
bathroom. When the conductor knocked on the door they simply passed their
single ticket under the door. The presidents congratulated the rabbis on
their ingenious method of cutting down on travel expenses and saving the
Synagogue some money.

At the next station the presidents decided to be as frugal as the rabbis and
purchased a single ticket for the three of them. They were surprised when
they noticed that the rabbis did not even purchase a single ticket. The
presidents crammed into one of the bathrooms on the train and when they
heard a knock they dutifully slipped their ticket under the door.

The rabbis promptly took it and walked into the other bathroom…

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