Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Story: Fear of getting disconnected

BY: Eliezer Shemtov

i met a community activist at a reception a few days ago and he tells me:hey, rabbi, it's nice to see you...
i answered him: well if you think it's so nice, you know where to findme....
well, he says, i'm not into your movement.... i am not a believer.
you can still come for a coffee, i replied...
you know, there are some things that i do, not so much as a matter of beliefas a matter of fear, he continues..
for example? I ask
For example Iom Kipur. I fast on Iom Kipur and do not want to stop doing itbecause I am afraid.
what are you afraid of? i asked...
who knows? he says.
I responded: I will tell you what you are afraid of. You are afraid ofgetting disconnected. if that is the case, why not do things that willstrengthen your connection rather than just refrain from doing things that ufeel will sever that connection?

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