Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kingdom of Heavan - joke

Harry is strolling down Main St. when he suddenly finds himself in the
middle of a ferocious summer storm. Quickly he ducks into the nearest
doorway, enters the building and settles himself down in the back of
an auditorium when he realizes that he just took refuge in a cathedral
in the middle of a service! Suddenly the minister calls out to all the
assembled: ?all those who want to enter the kingdom of heaven, rise?!
Half the assembled quickly rise. ?ALL WHO WISH TO ENTER THE KINGDOM OF
HEAVEN, RISE?!! The other half quickly stand up- but old Harry bleibt
zitzen. ?Sir?! Calls out the minister, ?don?t you want to enter the
heavenly kingdom??
?Sure? says Harry wearily, ?but what?s the rush??

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