Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't Loose your head

A yungerman came running to the Reb Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev all frantic.
His father in law had given him a large some of money for a business
transaction and he had lost it. And he was so upset he was crying and
screaming. The Berditchive said look I promise u that u will find it. But
first sit down have a hot drink and a piece of cake. In the middle of eating
the yungerman jumped up and ran out. A while later he came back carrying the
sack of money. Thew yungerman asked how did u know I would find it? It was
by my shtender. The Berditchive answere it wasn’t a mofes. I saw when u came
to see me that not only had u lost your money u had also lost your head. The
first thing u needed to do was to compose yourself and get your head back
and then I was sure u would remember were u had left the money

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