Sunday, September 20, 2009

Save a Life with Shirt off Back!

A group of askonim once came to Reb Yesochor Dov of Belz telling him that
their community was in financial crisis and they didn’t know what to do. He
told them the following moshel. A student had studied for many yrs to be a
dr he passed all the exams. He had done very well. He just had to be
interviewed by the head professor. After talking with him for a while he
asked him tell me if u are walking down the st and u see someone bleeding
what would u do? I would take out my bag take some gauze and bandage him.
What happen if u don’t have your bag? I would look for a rag to use. What
happens if u can’t find a rag? The student didn’t know what to answer. The
professor if u don’t know the answer u aren’t ready to become a dr. The
student was very upset he had studied and passed all his exams he just
didn’t know the answer to one question. The proff said if u see some one
bleeding and u don’t have a bandage u should take the shirt off your back.
If u don’t realise this important principle u aren’t ready to become a dr.
Likewise he told the askonim if u will be willing to dig into your own
pockets people will see the importance of the task at hand and they will
join u.

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