Friday, September 16, 2011

Native American's Memory

A father and his son are hiking in the Grand Canyon. They go around some bends, over some hills, and through some nooks. They round the bend and see a Native American sitting on a rock.
The father points to the Native American and says, "Son, Native Americans have the best memory of any peoples in the world!"
The young son thinks he's quite the smart one and goes up to the Native American and says, "What did you have for breakfast last Tuesday?"
Without hesitation the Native American responds, "Eggs." The son is impressed and goes on with the hike with his father!
30 years later the son is now a grown man, and is hiking the same trail with his own son. He goes around the same bends, over the same hills, and lo and behold, rounds the corner and there is that same Native American on the same rock.
He's an older wiser man now, and will really test this Native American. He walks up, raises his hand in greeting and says "How?"
The Native American responds, "Scrambled."

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