Friday, August 15, 2014

Joak - how Momma made the soup

Dovid was happily married to his dear and loving wife, Sarah, for nearly half a century. Her sudden death cast him into a terrible depression for which there was almost no cure. His son and daughter-in-law, Rachel, graciously invited him to stay at their home and share everything with them. Dovid's daughter-in-law, cooked every meal for him but Dovid was never pleased. No matter how deliciously prepared the meals were, he would sigh and mutter to himself, loud enough for his son to hear, "this was not the way Momma made the soup." Rachel poured through her mother-in-law's old recipe books and tried to re-create the delicious taste for which her father-in-law longed. But Dovid was still not pleased. One day, while the soup was on the fire, Dovid's grandchild fell outside. In her haste to get to the child, Rachel almost dropped in the entire pepper shaker. In addition, by the time the child was washed and bandaged, the soup was totally burned! There was nothing for Dovid's daughter to do but serve the severely spiced, burnt soup. She stood in agony as her elderly father in-law brought the soup to his lips. This time he would probably more than mumble a complaint. But it was not to be. A wide smile broke across Dovid's face. "Delicious my dear daughter," said Dovid with a tear in his eye. "Absolutely delicious! This is exactly how Momma made the soup!"

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