Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Is there anyone else up there?!?

Well, there is this well-known story of Mr. Steven Abramovitz who visited the Grand Canyon, and of course crossed over the fence to get a far more closer and awesome look at G-d?s wonder. He leans over the tip of the cliff, slips, and falls down toward the abyss. Franticly, his hands flaying back and forth, trying to grab onto anything, his hands close around a branch. There he is hanging in midair, with no foothold to climb up or down. In desperation he calls up to Heaven, ?G-d, please save me! I will do whatever You tell me to do in order to survive. Please G-d, please save me!? Suddenly he hears a booming voice emanating from Heaven asking him, ?Are you willing to do whatever I tell you to do in order to survive?? ?Oh yes, dear G-d,? replies Mr. Abramovitz, ?absolutely anything!? ?Very well then, the voice from Heaven continues, ?Mr. Abramovitz, leave go of the branch!? Mr. Abramovitz, in total horror, blurts out, ?Is there anyone else up there?!?

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