Tuesday, October 4, 2011

tonight is the first time my father heard me pray.

There is a story told of in the shtetl, there was a chazzan who every week
he would chant the melodies of the services, and always in tow was his old
father who would come and be there to watch his son act as the chazzan of
the shteeble.
It was one Yom Kippur before Kol Ndrei and the congregation was  all ready,
awaiting their Chazan to step up to the podium, but as the clock was ticking
the chazzan has not yet arrived. Suddenly the Chazzan comes dashing in the
door all apologetic, grabs his Tallis and kittel, and prayed the Kol Nidrei
in the most harmonious and pleasant ever sounding tone, that all stood in
After the services the Rabbi approached the Chazzan to ask what transpired,
and the reason of his lateness that led to such an outstanding performance.
The Chazzan explained, you know, my father was deaf, and yesterday my father
passed away, and tonight is the first time my father heard me pray.

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